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  • A visit to Edgewood Plantation would make a great gift for any season. The holidays bring thoughts of gifts and giving, but some people are difficult to buy for. Why not give them a Virginia Get-Away.

  • Have your child's next Birthday Party at Edgewood. Birthday Tea Parties are a wonderful way to celebrate your little girl -- with hats and gloves, this is an authentic tea party!

  • Enjoy the many bike trails near our property! Bring your bike and take a scenic bike ride... or walk the trail and take in all that nature has to offer.


Edgewood Plantation - A Real Haunted House

The tragic legacy of the Civil War is literally written into one of Edgewood's window panes. Your heart will be touched for Elizabeth Lizzie Rowland, who etched her name on an upstairs bedroom window. She died of a broken heart after waiting in vain for her lover to return from the war. Legend has it - and many people believe - that she still waits for him, watching from her upstairs window. The ghost of Lizzie Rowland is but one of the timeless charms that await you at Edgewood Plantation. The following poem was written by one of our guests.


Once upon a yesterday, A young girl gave her heart away ...
To a boy from down the road
Perhaps from the Plantation Berkeley, I've been told ...
Her name was Elizabeth Rowland, this is true, and it was her mothers too
So they called her Lizzie for short. Her heart was of the truest sort.
When the Civil War broke out, her lover heard the rebel shout
He knew to war he had to go ...
but, oh, how Lizzie loved him so!
She went to her window every day ...
awaiting his return, they say -
Looking out at each changing season ...

Finding no rhyme, finding no reason ...
In 1870, she passed away ... on a cold February day.
At the age of 47, she gave her soul upon to heaven.
So many tears by her were shed - of a broken heart
They found her dead.
The Legend says, you can see her still -
that her ghost wanders Edgewood ... and always will ...
Looking for the love, who did not return
And of his fate she never learned ...
But she left something behind - a moment ... frozen in time ...
Etched upon the window pane
to this day it bears her name
... Lizzie Rowland ...


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